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The Hidden Truth About Maltodextrin in Keto Foods

The Hidden Truth About Maltodextrin in Keto Foods

Maltodextrin sneaks into keto-friendly foods, masquerading as an innocent additive. But don't be fooled. With a glycemic index soaring at 110, it's anything but friendly to your ketosis goals, outranking even table sugar on the blood sugar spike meter.

Most troubling is its origin story—often derived from corn or wheat that's been genetically modified (GMO). This means not only are you grappling with potential blood sugar issues, but you're also possibly consuming GMOs and glyphosate residues without realizing it.

If staying in ketosis matters to you, reading labels becomes more than a habit; it's your shield against hidden disruptors like maltodextrin. Opt for whole-food ingredients and sidestep this unwelcome guest hiding in your so-called "keto" treats.

Dextrose: The Hidden Sugar Impacting Ketosis

Imagine you're on a keto diet, carefully picking your foods to stay in ketosis. But here's the kicker: some "keto-friendly" products might pull the wool over your eyes with dextrose.

This sweet devil has a glycemic index of 100, which is like inviting sugar to crash your low-carb party uninvited.

Dextrose sneaks into various foods under the guise of being harmless or even beneficial. Yet, its high glycemic index means it can spike blood sugar levels fast and hard, throwing you out of ketosis quicker than you can say "carbs." Here’s why that matters for keto followers.

This synthetic sugar is often found where you least expect it - from processed meats to salad dressings. The necessity of diligently scrutinizing labels and opting for unadulterated, natural edibles becomes evident due to their ubiquity.

The Deceptive Nature of Maltitol in Keto Products

Maltitol might seem like a keto dream come true, but it's more of a wolf in sheep's clothing. With a glycemic index ranging from 57 to 70, maltitol isn't as innocent as it appears.

For perspective, pure glucose sits at the top with an index of 100. Maltitol, though seemingly harmless, can still cause a surge in your blood sugar, jeopardizing your state of ketosis.

Glucose Content in Maltitol

Buckle up because here’s where things get tricky: half of maltitol is glucose. Yes, that molecule with a glycemic index score hitting the roof at 100. If staying in ketosis was your goal, maltitol could be secretly sabotaging your efforts without you even realizing it.

Last updated: Apr 24, 2024 14:11 PM