Weight Loss

Visceral Fat - Dangerous Fat

You have high insulin, which is a fat-making hormone as well as a fat-storing hormone. In the presence of even a little bit of insulin, you will not burn fat. High insulin is triggered by dietary sugars and carbs, frequent eating, omega 6 fatty acids like corn oil and soy oil, and stress, among other things.

65 percent of the US population is pre-diabetic. They may not have excessively high blood sugars yet, but they will without intervention.

I believe even more people have high amounts of insulin. Which comes right before becoming pre-diabetic. When you have high insulin, there is a whole chain of effects: belly fat, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, brain fog, and inflammation. Your body then has to protect itself from the damaging effects of high insulin and high sugar.

You start to develop a condition called insulin resistance, which protects your body by blocking the absorption of insulin and limit the amount of both insulin and sugar that goes into your cells. They’re harmful. If you continue to consume too many carbs too often, you overload your blood with sugar. But the sugar has to go somewhere, so your body converts it to visceral fat, which is fat that ends up around your organs and inside your abdomen. It’s a kind of spillover fat. It’s a storage facility for the excess energy that’s coming into your body.

Your liver is already fatty, so your body ends up putting it into your abdominal cavity. And as if that weren’t bad enough, visceral fat gives off certain compounds that increase inflammation! This is why obesity is a risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, and cancer, among other conditions. Visceral fat also worsens insulin resistance, which in turn causes more visceral fat, which leads to more inflammation, in a vicious cycle. I realize a lot of emphasis is put on obesity, but I wanted to let you know the role that visceral fat plays in insulin-related conditions too.

Last updated: Feb 19, 2024 16:03 PM