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What vitamin deficiency mimics dementia?

Vitamin B12: Vital for Brain Health and Beyond

Vitamin B12 is crucial for brain function. Deficiency can cause symptoms resembling dementia. Here's what you need to know:

  • Why B12 Matters: Supports healthy brain cells and nerve function.

  • Where to Find It: It is primarily found in animal products (meat, fish, dairy), though some microbes also produce it. Vegan and vegetarian diets may increase the risk of deficiency.

  • Low Stomach Acid: A Common Culprit: Stomach acid (HCL) is needed to absorb B12. Age, antacids, and certain medications (like Metformin) can reduce HCL levels.

  • Boosting Stomach Acid: Betaine hydrochloride may help normalize acidity.

  • Medication Side Effects: Dementia-like symptoms can be caused by common medications like antacids, sleep aids, blood pressure drugs, and more.

  • Other Potential Nutrient Deficiencies: Low levels of vitamin B1 (linked to high sugar/carb intake), zinc, and vitamin D can also mimic dementia symptoms.

Preventing and Addressing B12 Deficiency

  • Brain-Boosting Diet: Emphasize fatty fish, seafood, and red meat while following a healthy keto and intermittent fasting plan. This provides B12 and ketones, which are an alternative fuel for the brain.

  • Supplementation: Betaine hydrochloride may help if low stomach acid is the cause.

*Please keep in mind that the above is not a medical advice. You should see your doctor about any possible medical conditions.

Last updated: Jun 20, 2024 01:25 AM