Keto Diet Facts & Tips

What about keto for a newborn?

When a woman is pregnant, especially during the last trimester, 30% of all of the energy fed to that baby is from ketones. Once the baby is born, for the first two hours, they’re running on lactate. But, after that, they convert to ketones again.

Ketones are not meant to be an alternative fuel. In fact, breast milk is loaded with MCT fats, which then turn into ketones.

A baby’s brain makes up between 11-12% of their entire body weight, as compared to an adult brain, which only makes up 2% of the weight. With a newborn, 75% of all of the energy used is for the brain. An adult body uses 20-25% of its energy for the brain.

Ketones not only provide a good amount of fuel for an infant’s brain, but they also provide the building blocks for the lipids of the infant’s brain.

Babies are born with extra fat because that fat can help supply more ketones. But infant formulas are going to give these babies high-carb fuel. The glucose and carbohydrates will prevent ketones from being used as fuel. If we started out on ketones, why would we want to transition to a high-carb diet?

Consider trying to breastfeed as long as possible. In the process, make sure you’re eating foods with all of the keto nutrients. That way, your child has the best chance of optimum IQ, bone formation and longevity, and a reduced risk of different diseases.

Last updated: Apr 07, 2023 01:50 AM