Natural Vitamin B1

What are the causes of Vitamin B1 deficiency?

Causes of Vitamin B1 Deficiency

1. Consuming Refined Carbs

2. Alcohol

3. Stress – High levels of cortisol

4. Sugar (Diabetes)

5. Gastric Bypass

6. Vomit

7. Infection

8. Antibiotics (Flagyl, Cipro)

9. Diuretics – it could also deplete all the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals

10. Metformin – can increase the chance to get a condition called lactic acidosis

11. Genetic Defects B1 Transport

12. Diet – White Rice – could lead to a condition called Beri Beri or a severe B1 deficiency.

Last updated: Nov 13, 2023 15:43 PM