Different Foods Questions and Facts

What are good fats to replace meat fat?

You're gonna have to find out what oil you can do. You could also do MCT oil but that's only going to give you the oil for energy. A really important oil to do, if you can do it, would be the cod liver oil. That would supply your omega-3 fatty acids, which is just crucial. The type of fat that I'm doing recently, which I really like is actually raw cream from a cow. I found a farm local that I get it from and I'll get a whole quart and I'll basically down the whole thing in a week. So I mix it with a little bit of blueberries, but the cream in the coffee, or you can cook with it, you can put it on your steak when you fry your steak. And then when you have the raw cream, it has something called the Wilson factor, which is an anti-stiffness factor.

Last updated: Apr 08, 2024 14:24 PM