Natural Remedies

What are good magnesium foods?

Top magnesium foods:

1. Pumpkin seeds

2. Spinach

3. Swiss chard

4. Almonds

5. Leafy greens

6. Dark chocolate (sugar free)

When people have low stomach acids, they can't absorb magnesium as well. This occurs when people have heartburn or acid reflux (which is counter-intuitive) or GERD.

Most of the magnesium is stored in the bone, it's involved in enzyme activation. We need this mineral for generation of energy, decreases stress, constipation, nerve and muscle physiology. Magnesium can help lower blood pressure, help with constipation, lower stress and enhance sleep.

Magnesium is at the heart of chlorophyll in leafy greens.

Last updated: Jul 17, 2023 14:27 PM