Probiotic Liquid

What are health benefits of probiotics?

8 different benefits of probiotics.

1. Support Immune System (Defense) - Probiotics help support your immune system and provides a major defense against pathogens.

2. Digest Fibers – Microbes live on fiber.

3. Make Beneficial Acids: Lactic Acid (Sauerkraut, Kombucha Tea, Yogurt, Kiefer) – It is important for the defense mechanism to allow the pathogens not to grow. It is also necessary to help with the pH and the absorption of certain minerals in the digestive tract. Butyric Acid – A friendly acid that feeds your colon cells. It helps lower your blood sugars, and insulin resistance and decreases inflammation.

4. Help make vitamins – B Vitamins, biotin, B12, Vitamin K

5. Recycle bile

6. Detoxifications – Microbes are involved in the detoxification of chemicals and poisons in the body. If you don’t have enough microbes, you won’t have the full capacity of keeping the toxins in the minimum level in your body.

7. Antioxidants – It helps neutralize free radicals.

8. Regular Bowel Movements Dr. Berg’s Probiotics: • Non-Dairy Probiotic – Does not come from milk. • It is developed by Japanese scientist • It has something called “Effective Microbes” – It has a blend of bacteria, friendly yeast, friendly fungi, and lactic acid bacteria

Last updated: Nov 13, 2023 15:20 PM