Blood Sugar Support Advanced Formula

What are hidden reasons for high blood sugar levels?

Here are 9 reasons why your blood sugar is high: 

1. Cortisol - At around 8am, you may have a cortisol spike that is causing high blood sugars. 

2. Low blood sugar - Your body’s hormones may overcompensate for low blood sugar and cause high blood sugar. 

3. Late-night snacks - Snacks, especially ones full of carbs, can boost your blood sugar. 

4. Sugar the day before - Even sugar from the day before can significantly boost your blood sugar 24 hours later. 

5. Low blood pressure - Blood pressure medications can activate cortisol and raise your blood glucose levels. 

6. Stress - trauma, stress, and anxiety can raise your cortisol and lead to high blood sugar. 

7. Forgot to take meds - If you happened to forget your prescribed medications (even for just one day), this could throw off your blood sugar levels. 

8. Exercise the night before - If you exercised the night before, you could burn up all your sugar, which causes your body to overcompensate (see #2)

9. Hidden additives (MSG, artificial sweeteners, etc.) - Sweeteners and additives can spike your blood sugar levels drastically.  The best solution is to fix insulin resistance with healthy keto and intermittent fasting. 

Last updated: Sep 06, 2023 14:36 PM