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What are signs of toxic build-up in my liver?

1. Yellow skin  This could be jaundice, which is a liver condition. If your skin is slightly orange, it could be jaundice, or it could be that you’re drinking too much carrot juice. 

2. Red palms  This could be something called palmar erythema, which could point to a problem with your liver. 

3. Spider veins Spider veins or spider angiomas in the upper part of the body are dilated blood vessels. This could happen because the liver is not able to break down estrogen. Really, this is an estrogen dominance problem.  

4. White growths on the eyelids  This could be cholesterol build-up. Having a liver problem could create this build-up. 

5. Purple flat bumps  This could be something called lichen planus, which could be an indication of a liver problem. 

6. Purple/red spots  This could be on the lower part of the legs or arms and is called ecchymosis. 

7. White scaly plaquing scalp  This is also known as dandruff. This could be a symptom of a liver problem and could be caused by a deficiency in B2 and B6. 

8. Chicken skin  This looks like little red bumps on your hair follicles and is called hyperkeratosis. This could be a symptom of a liver problem, which is causing a deficiency in vitamin A and vitamin E. 

9. Darker pigment on the knuckles  This could be happening because of a liver problem that’s causing a B12 deficiency. 

Last updated: Jan 02, 2023 00:58 AM