Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength

What are some benefits of TUDCA?

Benefits of TUDCA:

1. It can help thin bile and allow it to flow

2. It may help promote healthy eyes and help with retinal degenerative disease

3. It has been shown to improve symptoms of Parkinson’s disease

4. It has shown positive effects on ALS

5. It has shown to potentially help prevent strokes and repair damage from strokes

6. It may help with spasms

7. It may help reduce fevers

8. It may help improve visual acuity

9. It may help prevent apoptosis

10. It has powerful anti-inflammatory effects

11. It may help decrease fibrosis (especially of the liver)

12. It may help protect the brain

13. It supports insulin sensitivity

14. It supports the gut lining

15. It may help protect the kidneys

Last updated: Mar 12, 2024 19:05 PM