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What are some foods to avoid during menstrual cycle?

I explain the relationship between dairy and your menstrual cycle. It comes down to the hormone estrogen in dairy. Many people already have too much estrogen; we’re swimming in a sea of it! A lot of pesticides and insecticides mimic estrogen. They’re called endocrine disruptors or estrogen disruptors.

So if you already have excess estrogen, and you’re consuming a product with additional hormones because it’s meant for a growing calf, it can create some issues. Not only with the menstrual cycle but also your breast tissue, uterus, and ovaries. And you men, it can cause prostate issues too.

Many people are lactose intolerant; they don’t have the enzyme to break down milk sugar, so they get digestive issues. Or they may have a casein allergy that’s causing digestive issues, particularly to either the A1 or A2 protein in casein. You may want to try cheese from a goat or a sheep, which has less A1 protein.

Then you also have the food that cows are fed, which are usually GMO grains such as soy and corn, unless you know that the cows are grass-fed or the grain is organic. Unless you know the cow has been fed organic grain, chances are it has glyphosate residue, has too many omega 6 fatty acids, and is inflammatory.

Another point is the source of the milk. If you get it from a farmer’s market you want to find out how they treat their cows. For example, in Mongolia, each cow’s milk yield averages 1.3 gallons per day. In the US it’s 9 gallons per day. In Mongolia, they milk the cow for only five to six months; in the US for ten months and artificially inseminate them, while the cows in Mongolia get pregnant naturally. The amount of estrogen in a cow from Mongolia is a fraction of that in cow’s milk in the US.

Now, my goal with these videos is not to keep telling you what you can’t eat, it’s to make you aware of factors to consider about the foods you consume, especially if you’re having problems with your menstrual cycle, ovaries, breasts, or uterus. It could be the estrogen in dairy.

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:01 PM