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What are some Keto Baking Flour Alternatives?

The Ultimate Guide to Keto Baking Flour Alternatives

When you're living the keto life, white flour is like that ex you've outgrown - it just doesn't fit into your new lifestyle. But fear not. Almond and coconut flours are here to save your baking days.

Almond Flour

Our culinary champion, rich in nuttiness, isn't confined to a single act of courage. Loaded with wholesome goodness, almond flour enriches your treats with a delightfully tender crumb and amps up the nutrition.

However, you'll want to adjust recipes accordingly because it's denser than traditional flour. Think of almond flour as the reliable friend who’s always there to beef up your baking game.

Coconut Flour

A little goes a long way with this super-absorbent option. Coconut flour demands more moisture, so increase liquids in recipes when using it.

Its subtle sweetness adds an exotic twist to treats without overpowering them. Discover how versatile coconut flour can be, from thickening sauces to crafting delectable desserts.

Last updated: Apr 24, 2024 14:07 PM