Symptoms, conditions and causes

What are some unexpected signs of fatty liver?

Liver functions:

• Makes bile 

• Makes proteins 

• Makes cholesterol  

• Makes glucose + glycogen 

• Turns ammonia into urea 

• Detoxifies certain things like chemicals, poisons, drugs, etc. 

• Buffers excess hormones 

3 weird fatty liver symptoms:

1. Heart pain 

2. Gynecomastia (the liver can’t filter out excessive amounts of estrogen) 

3. Night blindness

*Fibroscan – a scan to check if you have a fatty liver, scar tissue, or fibrosis.

Causes of a fatty liver:

• Gastric bypass 

• An extremely low protein diet 

• Drugs – steroids

• Viruses 

• High insulin – carbs (most common cause)

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:07 PM