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What are the benefits of breastfeeding for immune system?

What you need to know about the effect of breastfeeding on the immune system:

• There are many different strains of friendly bacteria in breastmilk that are passed over.

• The mother’s antibodies get passed over (antiviral antibodies and antibacterial antibodies).

• There is a lowered risk of respiratory infections, ear infections, allergies, ADD, autism, and asthma.

• T cells will be passed over. T cells can take the immune system to the next level.

• Butyrate can be passed over. This could potentially help prevent allergies and autoimmune diseases.

• The risk of type 1 diabetes could also be decreased.

• There is a more diverse microbiome.

• There is more interferon.

Last updated: Jan 22, 2023 21:03 PM