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What are the benefits of cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a cruciferous vegetable that is naturally high in fiber and B vitamins. It is low in carbs and tastes something like potato. It feels like a starchy food but it doesn’t have starch.


A great keto alternative to rice, pizza crust, mashed potatoes, tortilla, and mac and cheese

  • High in vitamin C

  • Contains choline (liver support)

  • Rich in nutrients

    • vitamin K1

    • vitamin B1

    • vitamin B2

    • vitamin B3

    • vitamin B5

    • folate

    • manganese

    • magnesium

    • potassium

    • trace minerals

  • Rich in phytonutrients (healthy substances found in plants):

• sulforaphanes

• glucosinolates

• carotenoids

• flavonoids

  • Contains DIM

    • balances estrogen ratios

    • supports natural detoxification

  • Low in carbs

How to consume it

You can eat it raw with dip or include it in your salad. Or cook it in a dozen ways.

There are many ways to prepare cauliflower. One favorite is to make it into pizza crust. Or you can find pre-made cauliflower crusts at the grocery store. Just be sure to check the label because sometimes the manufacturers slip in the ingredients like tapioca starch, dextrin and other things that aren’t keto-friendly.

Then there’s cauliflower rice. Nowadays you can find it at any grocery store because it’s become a mainstream product. It tastes almost identical to rice but without the starch.

Keep in mind that the longer you cook cauliflower, the more you destroy its nutrients. 3 minutes of boiling, for example, equals ten minutes of steaming. So steam it for just 5 minutes. Sauteing it is another recommended method. Ultimately, even if you cook it for a relatively long time, you still get the benefits of cauliflower’s low carbs and its fiber.

Where to get it

You can get it at any grocery store.

Last updated: Jun 20, 2023 14:03 PM