Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of coconut oil?

It’s been used for hundreds of years by many cultures without problems. In fact, there are some cultures whose diet is 60 percent coconut-based, which is quite healthy. (Side note: coconut oil will boost HDL, the so-called good cholesterol.)

The coconut is the largest seed on earth. It takes 3 years to break down the soil it's in, so that it can grow. The three significant benefits of coconut oil are:

● Supports your brain. A significant amount of coconut oil is what’s called MCT, or medium-chain triglycerides. This is a type of fat that turns into ketones. Your brain cells love ketones. They protect the nerves and brain cells against stress. They’ve been shown to boost cognitive function, and help people with dementia as well as Alzheimer’s.

● It’s antibacterial and antimicrobial. Its 3 main fatty acids are caprylic, capril, and lauric, and they’re responsible for these properties, along with being antifungal, anti-candida, anti-yeast, and antiviral. Monolaurin, the precursor to lauric acid, has the capacity to dismantle the fatty layer around certain viruses. So it’s beneficial for your immune system.

● Provides you more energy, because MCT oil doesn’t require digestive enzymes. It gets absorbed directly into your body. You get fatty acids and ketones for fuel, which are much more efficient than glucose. You’ll get more of what’s called ATP, the body’s energy than you do from carbs.

Last updated: Jun 17, 2024 15:39 PM