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What are the benefits of cold-water immersion?

To experience these incredible benefits, you only need to do cold-water immersion therapy for eleven minutes per week. You can get the advantages of cold-water immersion by using a special cold-water immersion tank, a cold shower, a cold pool, or a cold body of water. While heat therapy is beneficial, cold therapy has even more benefits. If you have no tolerance for doing this, taking B vitamins may help make it easier.

Cold-water immersion can potentially help decrease:

• ApoA to ApoB ratios

• Homocysteine levels

• Oxidative stress

• ACTH and cortisol

• Antibodies

• Insulin

• Uric acid

• Your risk for upper respiratory tract infections

• Depression

• Pain

• Inflammation

• Muscle soreness

• Recovery time after exercise

• The growth of tumors

Cold-water immersion can potentially help increase:

• Thyroid stimulating hormone and T3

• T cells

• White blood cells

• Zinc

• Noradrenaline

• Insulin sensitivity

• Mental resilience

Cold-water immersion also helps turn on certain genes that would otherwise be inhibited. These genes have amazing effects, like supporting metabolism and many other health benefits.

Last updated: Feb 29, 2024 15:41 PM