Intermittent Fasting

What are the benefits of fasting for the brain?

If you have brain fog, memory problems, and mental fatigue, you need to do fasting. Fasting can stimulate a certain protein called BDNF by up to 400%.

It can resist oxidative stress that comes from too frequent eating because the more frequent you eat, the more it could raise insulin and can do more damage that is created in your brain where your memory starts going downhill. He also talks about neurogenesis or the regrowing of the nerve cells.

Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

• Allows Brain to Grow to Adapt to Stress and Resist Stress

• Neurogenesis or Regrow of the Nerve Cells

• Increase Memory, Focus

• New Connections

• Increase Mitochondria

• Fasting could help reverse the physical causes of memory loss, mental fatigue, and brain fog.

Intermittent Fasting:

1. Start with 3 meals a day (No snacking)

2. Then gradually start to 2 meals

3. OMAD or One Meal a Day – as you get older, it is highly recommended to do this.

4. Make sure that you do not eat unless you are hungry

Last updated: Dec 12, 2023 20:48 PM