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What are the benefits of Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength?

Dr. Berg’s Gallbladder Formula Extra Strength is designed to support healthy digestion and promote normal bile. Digestive discomfort such as acid reflux and bloating can often be blamed on a weak gallbladder that produces abnormal bile levels. You may be surprised to know that this formula promotes healthy bile even if you’ve had your gallbladder removed.

Gallbladder Formula contains natural ingredients to help support a healthy gallbladder and provides bile salts for bloating and digestive stress.

Bile helps you digest. Your body uses bile to break down complicated fats and absorb fat- soluble vitamins. Help your body support healthy bile by supplementing bile and digestive enzymes. It doesn’t matter if your gallbladder has been removed; this supplement will support your digestion.

Maintain your normal digestive environment. Support the many parts of your digestive system including your liver, stomach enzymes, stomach acid and pancreas. All of these work together to help break down even the toughest foods.

This supplement is right for you if

  • You want to say goodbye to bloating, constipation, and other digestive discomforts, getting relief once and for all

  • You have a weak gallbladder or don’t have a gallbladder and want to support normal bile levels

  • You’d love to feel satisfied, cleaner and lighter after you eat, erasing those uncomfortable feelings after meals

  • You want to support normal food digestion and absorb all of the nutrients your body needs to stay healthy


  • Roundhouse approach to a healthy digestion

    • supports your pancreas

    • supports your stomach

    • supports your liver

    • supports all the body parts that aid healthy digestion

  • Can help reduce bloating, constipation and digestive discomfort

  • Enzymes support bile to promote healthy digestion

  • Helps relieve digestive discomfort

  • Supports regular bowel movements

  • Lets you feel lighter after meals

  • Supports nutrient absorption

  • Supports absorption of fat-soluble vitamins

    • vitamin A

    • vitamin D

    • vitamin E

    • vitamin K1

    • vitamin K2

  • Contains purified bile salts

  • Supports you even if you don’t have a gallbladder

  • Supports your digestion for 40 cents per meal (36 cents if you subscribe)

  • Backed by over 1,300 happy customer reviews

  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee lets you watch your digestion improve 100% risk-free

How to consume it

As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule with meals, up to 3 times per day.

Where to get it

You can order it online at Dr. Berg Shop (order here). You can also order it on Amazon (order here).

There is also a vegan formula that you can take. You can order it online at Dr. Berg Ship (order here). You can also order it on Amazon (order here).

Last updated: Jul 05, 2023 14:05 PM