Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of gymnema?

Gymnema is a woody climbing shrub grown in India and Africa. It’s leaves are often used
to make medicine. Gymnema has a long history of use in India’s medicine. The Hindi name for gymnema means “destroyer of sugar” because of its property of neutralizing the sweet sensation.


  • Supports the cells of pancreas

  • Improves blood sugars

  • Reduces sugar and carb cravings

  • Potent antidiabetic properties

  • Creates a hypoglycemic effect (lowers the blood sugar)

  • Neutralizes sweet sensation

  • Improves insulin resistance

  • Reverses damage for beta-cells

How to consume it

You can take it as a supplement following the recommended directions. You can also put it on the tongue and it will improve your blood sugars. It will make you temporarily unable to taste sweetness.

Where to get it

You can buy it at a health food store or order it online.

Last updated: Jul 10, 2023 14:10 PM