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What are the benefits of hydrochloric acid in the stomach?

HCL is the most important fluid inside our body and without this acid in the stomach, our body will have a lot of problems.

The stomach acid needs to be very strong (acidic) preferably in the range of 1-3. If the stomach is less acidic it will not release pepsin (which is an enzyme for chemical reactions and is responsible for the breakdown of proteins).

3 Major Health Benefits of Hydrochloric Acid

1. To help breakdown proteins

2. Absorb minerals

3. Kill microbes

Junk food, stress, antiacids, diarrhea, and vomiting can cause low stomach acid. And as we age, we lose our stomach acids, in fact, by age 70, we have only 25% of our stomach acids left.

Low Stomach Acids Can Trigger:

• Gas

• Indigestion

• Bloating

• Iron deficiency (anemia)

• Soft tissue calcium build-up

• Low B12

• Constipation

• Red cheeks

• SIBO (small intestine bacterial overgrowth)

• Leaky Gut

Last updated: Jan 06, 2024 22:51 PM