Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of lemon?

Lemon is a fruit that has many different benefits for our bodies. It contains citric acid, which is a very strong type of acid. One interesting thing about lemon juice is that as soon as you consume it, it gets burned up in the body and turns alkaline.

It should be noted that it can help prevent uric acid stones, as well as help with acidosis. Lemon juice won’t alkalize the blood or body, but it will alkalize the urine.


  • May help decrease the risk of kidney stones

  • High in vitamin C

  • Helps with acidosis

  • Can help reduce the risk of gout

  • Has the highest concentrates of citrates of any food

  • Helps to alkalize the body

  • Low in fructose

How to consume it

If you’re doing fasting or keto, mix some lemon (about 1 oz) in water and drink that to help minimize acidosis and some of the symptoms of it.

You can also consume lemon juice. Make sure it is organic and not pasteurized—also that it doesn’t contain sugar.

Last updated: Jul 17, 2023 14:40 PM