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What are the benefits of Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc?

Liquid Vitamin D with Zinc is a new daily supplement, in the form of easy-to-use oral drops, for both children and adults. Our top-tier formula contains high-quality vitamin D3 enhanced with zinc.

This supplement can be used on a daily basis to promote healthy vitamin D levels and support healthy bones, muscles, skin, digestion, brain function, eyes, fertility, cells and immune system function. It’s also a great way to promote the health and well-being of children who aren’t able to take traditional vitamin D pills and capsules.

There is no easier way to get a daily boost of vitamin D3 and zinc. People often think of vitamin D only as a vitamin that controls calcium levels and bone density—but the role of vitamin D extends much farther. While vitamin D meets the definition of a vitamin, it also functions as a steroid hormone.

When used together, vitamin D and zinc have several combined effects. Zinc acts as an immunity booster and can cut the duration of common cold symptoms. Vitamin D and zinc work together to support strong bones by preventing bone resorption and promoting bone mineralization.


Vitamin D:

  • provides a balanced immune response

  • normalizes blood pressure levels

  • improves heart health

  • supports normal inflammation levels

  • supports normal brain function

  • supports a healthy body weight

  • supports your mood and happiness

  • supports normal insulin sensitivity


  • regulates over 300 enzymes

  • activates genes

  • produces vital DNA and proteins

  • involved in insulin production

  • boosts the immune system

  • supports in wound healing

  • promotes normal childhood growth and development

Both also:

  • support a healthy heart

  • promote normal blood sugar levels

  • support healthy metabolism

  • help with weight loss

  • promote a healthy gut

  • support healthy skin

  • boost brain function

  • improve mood

  • support male and female fertility

  • promote healthy eyes

  • act as powerful antioxidants

How to consume it

Shake before using. As a dietary supplement, adults can take 2 to 3 dropperfuls once a day. Take it with water or dairy products or any fatty meal for better absorption. One serving (one dropperful) will give you 15 mcg (600 IU) of vitamin D3 and 11 mg of zinc.

This product helps support a healthy immune system.

Caution: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with known medical conditions should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

Where to get it

You can get it online at Dr. Berg Shop (click here).

Last updated: Jul 17, 2023 14:38 PM