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What are the benefits of nose breathing?

When you restrict airflow by breathing through the nose, some very interesting things occur. You actually get more oxygen delivered to your tissues when nose breathing than when you breathe through your mouth.

When you breathe through your nose, the sinuses help moisten the air as it goes into the lungs. This protects the lungs from irritation and inflammation. Your nose also helps filter the air as it goes into the lungs and can protect the lungs against pathogens.

CO2 isn’t just a waste product. It’s essential. It takes CO2 to push oxygen from your blood into your cells. A few potential side effects of sinus surgery are dry sinuses and difficulty breathing. You need the mucous membranes to balance out oxygen and CO2. Oxygen therapy and certain conditions can also cause low CO2.

Low CO2 can cause the body to be more alkaline, which can cause low calcium in the blood. Both of these issues can lead to a myriad of symptoms. When you breathe through your nose, you can increase the amount of oxygen in your cells by about 20%. Nose breathing helps increase the right amount of CO2 in your body to push oxygen into your cells. This will help oxygenate your brain and muscles, especially when you sleep and exercise. Increasing the oxygen in your cells can also help with stress.

Last updated: Mar 01, 2024 15:46 PM