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What are the benefits of probiotics for dandruff?

The cause of dandruff is still unknown, but there are theories as to what causes it. 

What we know about dandruff: 

• Dandruff occurs more in the winter

• People who have dandruff typically have more of a vitamin D deficiency 

• Dandruff is an imbalance between the fungus and the bacteria on the skin

• One type of fungus on the skin (malassezia) has more than doubled when you have dandruff

• There is an increase of staph bacteria on the skin when you have dandruff

• Antibiotics may help temporarily

• Steroids may help temporarily (but can suppress the immune system) 

• People with dandruff typically have a zinc deficiency 

Mycobiota is the friendly fungus and the yeast that grow inside and outside of the body. It’s an area that is rarely studied, but I believe it’s very important. 

Friendly fungus and yeast are very beneficial—they do a lot for us. But they need to be in the right balance. There are a lot of conditions that can occur if a person doesn’t have the right balance of fungus and bacteria. 

In my opinion, I think what’s really going on with dandruff is an imbalance of the friendly fungus and friendly bacteria. I don’t believe the solution is to start using chemicals and steroids to kill off the fungus or bacteria. Instead, I think a great remedy for dandruff is a natural antibiotic and a natural anti-fungal. 

Potential remedies for dandruff: 

1. Garlic and oregano (take orally) 

2. A probiotic that also has friendly yeast 

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:59 PM