Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of quinine bark?

The best remedy for leg cramps at night is quinine bark. I’m not talking about the synthetic version that you need a prescription for. This is about the natural bark, which contains a lot less of the active ingredient, quinine. People have been using quinine bark as a remedy for numerous health issues for hundreds and hundreds of years. This natural bark was forgotten about for a while, after the synthetic version came out. However, quinine bark has made a huge comeback recently.


  • Prevents leg cramps at night

  • Used for malaria

  • Used for parasites

  • Used for viruses

  • Used for fever reduction

  • Used for pain reduction

  • Used for heartbeat regulation

  • Used for digestion

Where to get it

One of the biggest benefits of quinine is its ability to prevent leg cramps at night. Preferably, try this remedy after trying to increase your potassium and magnesium—which are the electrolytes— as a first solution. You can find quinine bark at your local health food store or online.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:20 PM