Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of radish and black radish?

Radish is an edible root vegetable that has many benefits for your body. It is known for its effectiveness on mucus. It’s great for the liver, for your kidney and gallbladder. It is great to support the lymphatic system.

You can also get black radish, which has its own immune benefits.


  • Cleans out mucus

  • Supports the liver

  • Supports the kidney

  • Supports the gallbladder

  • Supports the lymphatic system

Additional benefits of black radish

  • Reduces cholesterol

  • Stimulates bile flow

  • Anti gallstone effect

  • Anticancer

  • Antidiabetes

  • Antimicrobial

  • Hepatoprotective

  • May help get rid of mucus

Where to get it

You can get radish or black radish at any grocery store.

Last updated: Dec 04, 2023 15:26 PM