Natural Remedies

What are the benefits of Varuna?

The bark of the varuna tree is an ancient remedy that has been used for kidney stones, bladder stones, and other bladder issues. In one clinical trial using Varuna, 85% of patients with chronic urinary tract infections were symptom-free in 4 weeks.


  • Can help with overactive bladder

  • Can help with urinary frequency

  • Can help with bladder stones and kidney stones

  • Can help with painful urination

  • Can help with a UTI

  • Can help with benign prostatic hypertrophy symptoms

  • Can help with excessive urination at night

  • Can help with loss of bladder tone

How to consume it

Follow the directions on the label for the proper dosage.

Where to get it

You can get it at a health food store or order it online.

Last updated: Dec 25, 2023 15:17 PM