Natural Remedies

What are the best foods for pregnant women?

Pickles are really good. It's you have the benefit of the pickle juice, which is an electrolyte and also it's fermented hopefully, or it could be just pickled. And then you have some friendly bacteria in there as well. But I think the most important time of someone's life to eat healthy is when they're pregnant and right before and right after when they're breastfeeding, because all that nutrient, all that, those nutrients are creating this new body. And just one little deficiency of iodine can actually lower the IQ of your child by a significant amount.

A vitamin D deficiency could significantly affect the formation of your bones. So you could even end up with bowed legs and, flat feet and scoliosis and a hunchback and dental problems where you're going to need braces and other issues. So it's very, very important to eat the healthy version of keto when you're pregnant, but just not do the intermittent fasting.

Last updated: Mar 18, 2024 17:02 PM