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What are the best natural solutions for depression?

That is a terrible plague among us. You might want to research and try higher amounts of vitamin D3, like 30 or even 40 or even 50,000 IUs, and just take it all at once and then wait three days, four days, and then take it again.That can help you because think about during the winter months, people tend to get the blues, right? Why? Because they don't get much sun and that's the vitamin D aspect. Also, be out in the sun as much as you can in nature helps a lowered state of emotion as well. And then of course, that's from a nutritional angle, vitamin D. I think the other thing too is I would watch some of my videos on, I actually list all the different potential causes of depression, and the most common was vitamin D, but you also have a lack of sleep, lack of energy. I've never found anyone that has depression and a ton of energy. So when you fix the physical part of the body, many times that can influence your mood. Another thing I would do is work on your probiotics, add more of them, change your diet, get on less carbs, and then see if that doesn't help your mood.

Last updated: Mar 25, 2024 15:02 PM