Natural Remedies

What are the best nutrients for floaters?

There is an MSM liquid. And it tends to help as an antioxidant to the internal part of the eye that penetrates the eye.

There's also another remedy called NAC for the eye. And if I'm not mistaken it comes in drops too. So that can penetrate the lens.That's more for cataracts but it can also be used for floaters.

Think about floaters as something related to what's called glycation where you're combining this protein with the sugar. And that's why diabetics have a lot of floaters too. If you start to reduce your sugars, go on keto, they should improve.

How do you get rid of this residual glycation? Cause that kind of gets stuck in the body. Well, you have to get your body in a state of what's called a autophagy and that's the recycling of these damaged proteins and cleaning them up. It's like a house cleaning. And there's a couple of different ways to get your body in autophagy: periodic prolonged fasting and exercise. Those are the two most powerful ones.

And then of course, not adding more sugar that contributes to making it worse.

Last updated: Jun 18, 2024 17:33 PM