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What are the best supplements for rheumatoid arthritis?

There is a lot of things you can try like vitamin D will help you a lot and take 30 to 40 thousand IUs. T

There's another precursor called pregnenolone that is a building block of all of your hormones. Not all of them, but a lot of them, especially cortisol. And so when you don't have enough of that, what happens is that your cortisol goes up. Out of all the risk factors for so many health problems, believe it or not, age is the biggest risk factor.

People have more problems as they get older. So what do we do? By the time you reach 75 years old, your pregnenolone, which is a precursor to all these other hormones, tanks only 60%. You could get some of it as a supplement to have more of a pre hormone to build up normal amounts of certain hormones, which is not a bad idea for a lot of people who especially as they get older, they have more problems, both men and women.

Also realize that there's another precursor even before that hormone and that is cholesterol. If you're on statins or you're on a low fat or low animal diet, you don't have a lot of fat in your diet that can literally starve off all the raw material to build up these hormones and you can have a lot of problems. Just for the fact by when you increase more cholesterol food, and even that supplement, I just mentioned pregnenolone, you can actually decrease rheumatoid. It used to be, it used to be a big treatment way back in the day until they came up with steroids. It's something to play around, test, start off with a lower amounts like 25 milligrams, and then slowly increase it because if you're a female, if you have way too much, you can get maybe a little bit too much testosterone. But a lot of women, especially they go through menopause, they drop their testosterone way too low and they need to bring it up a little bit.

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