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What are the causes for mid-back pain and tightness?

Mid-Back Pain: Causes and Remedies

Right-Sided Pain

- Cause: Liver/gallbladder issues (e.g., gallstones)

- Remedies:

- Purified bile salts

- Increase fat intake

- Healthy Keto® diet

- Intermittent fasting

- Avoid soy protein, protein powders, vegetable oils, carbs

- For high estrogen: avoid dairy, take DIM supplements, eat DIM-rich foods

Left-Sided Pain

- Cause: Pancreatic issues

- Remedies:

- Avoid snacking, refined carbs, sugar, alcohol

- Eat more raw vegetables

- Avoid excessive calcium

- Healthy Keto® diet

- Intermittent fasting

- Consult doctor about medications causing abdominal pain

Heart Problems

- Cause: Heart disease, clogged arteries, chest pain, overexertion

- Remedies:

- Increase vegetables (7-10 cups daily)

- Take potassium, nutritional yeast

- For hyperthyroidism: avoid iodine, purified bile salts, gallbladder formula

- For acidosis: avoid apple cider vinegar, betaine hydrochloride, kombucha tea

Center of Mid-Back Pain

- Remedy: Press on sternum and massage corresponding front area

Other Causes

- Injury

- Muscle imbalance

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