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What are the causes for muscle stiffness?

Muscle Stiffness: Causes and Remedies


1. Mycoplasma

- Symptoms: Chronic fatigue, achiness, muscle stiffness.

- Cause: Thrives on carbs and sugar.

- Remedies: Avoid refined carbs and sugar, follow Healthy Keto® diet, use natural antibiotics.

2. Excess Iron

- Symptoms: Inflammation, liver issues, muscle stiffness.

- Remedies: Avoid grains, red meat, and high-iron supplements.

3. Omega-6/Omega-3 Imbalance

- Symptoms: Inflammation leading to muscle stiffness.

- Remedies: Avoid omega-6 oils, opt for omega-3 rich oils, enhance absorption with purified bile salts.

4. Vitamin K2 Deficiency

- Symptoms: Calcium buildup causing stiffness.

- Remedies: Supplement with vitamin K2 and vitamin D3, use purified bile salts for absorption.

5. Insufficient Bile

- Symptoms: Difficulty digesting fats, nutrient absorption.

- Remedies: Take betaine hydrochloride, apple cider vinegar before meals, use purified bile salts.

General Remedies:

- Try specific stretches and massage techniques.

- Address factors like antibiotics, mold exposure, and GMO foods.

These steps can alleviate muscle stiffness effectively.

Last updated: Jul 03, 2024 14:58 PM