Symptoms, conditions and causes

What are the dangers of low sodium?

Hyponatremia is a situation where you’re losing a lot of blood volume, which can result in low blood pressure and a lot of other problems.

The symptoms of low sodium include:

• Edema in the brain

• Headaches

• Nausea

• Muscle cramps

• Fainting

• Falling

• Loss of appetite

• Confusion

• Coma

• Cardiovascular disease

• Stroke

Many people believe salt is bad for them and they avoid using any salt in their food. The problem is that this can result in low sodium. You need at least 1-1.2 grams of sodium each day, or 2-5 grams of salt per day. Keep in mind that salt can be hidden in many foods. It’s important to find the right balance since too much and too little can have adverse effects.

Many people drink way too much water because they are convinced it’s healthy. Excessive water consumption can deplete minerals like sodium. Drink when you are thirsty—don’t force yourself to drink water.

Last updated: Jul 10, 2024 15:44 PM