Natural Remedies

What are the fats that can help with fatty liver?

Many people are afraid of fat. They think that if they consume any fat, it will give them a fatty liver. But, I believe that carbohydrates are really the big cause behind a fatty liver.

Here are three fats you could start to consume in larger amounts to potentially help fix a fatty liver:

1. Olive oil (organic extra virgin)

• Anti-inflammatory 

• Omega-9 fatty acid 

• Supports a fatty liver 

2. Fish oil or cod liver oil (wild-caught)

• Rich in omega-3 fatty acid 

• Can help inhibit fat from accumulating on the liver 

• Can help reduce the fat in the liver

• Anti-inflammatory 

• Supports the retinas, heart, and brain 

3. Virgin coconut oil 

• Can help reverse a fatty liver in rat studies 

Other things you could do to help reduce fat on the liver:

1. Purified bile salts 

2. Choline 

3. Cutting carbs and sugar (especially fructose) 4. Fasting 

Last updated: Jul 24, 2023 14:08 PM