Stress & Recovery Analyzer

What are the heath assessment options on Stress and Recovery Analyzer?

Empower yourself with knowledge about your lifestyle and well-being with personalized health assessments. Use your own personal lab for lifestyle experiments to see what works and what doesn’t.

The Dr. Berg Stress and Recovery Analyzer offers several advanced health assessments:  

Heart rate variance analysis: Gain insight into your body’s autonomic nervous system function and balance. Variations in HRV can indicate various physiological and psychological factors, including stress, fatigue, and overall health.

Real-time cardiac resonance measurement: Understand more about the state of your cardiovascular health and identify potential areas for improvement.

Autonomic balance assessment: Autonomic balance reflects how your cardiovascular and nervous systems interact, which influences your digestion, flight or fight response, and stress recovery.

Stress and adaptation assessment: Track your body's response to stress and exercise, assess your adaptive capacity, and gain a comprehensive understanding of how everyday stressors, including your diet, workout routine, and sleep pattern, impact your autonomic nervous system.

Vitality and recovery assessment: Understand your body's vitality and recovery reserves and analyze how your daily routines impact key health metrics and energy levels.  

Arterial elasticity assessment: Monitor your arterial elasticity to gain insights into your cardiovascular health. This gives you a deeper understanding of the resiliency and age of your aorta and carotid arteries.

Biological age assessment: Discover your body's biological age to understand how well your body is aging relative to your chronological age. This gives you a deeper understanding of the resiliency and age of your aorta and carotid arteries.

Pre/Post health assessment: Compare your health metrics before and after specific activities to measure the impact of lifestyle changes, workouts, or relaxation techniques on your overall well-being.

Last updated: Dec 07, 2023 15:07 PM