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What are the hidden causes for sinus issues?

Microorganisms in your pillow could be causing sinus pressure, nasal congestion, difficulty breathing, and snoring! The average pillow has 7000 spores of 4 to 16 different types of fungus, especially if your pillow is made of synthetic material. The fungus found in your pillow is a frequent cause of rhinitis, or inflammation of the sinuses. The fungus feeds on nitrogen and dead skin—and can affect the respiratory system.

Fungus spores are activated by moisture, so your sweat, drool, and wet hair intensify the problem. Spores can even grow roots into the fibers of your pillow.

Here are 4 signs that fungus in your pillow may be causing sinus congestion:

1. Discoloration on the pillow

2. Moisture on the pillow

3. Odors from the pillow

4. Sudden change in mucus membranes (difficulty breathing, stuffy nose)

To solve this problem, wash your pillow at least once monthly and ensure it’s completely dried. It’s also essential to clean your pillowcase at least once per week. Your pillow won’t last forever, so be sure to replace it once yearly.

Last updated: Apr 29, 2024 15:56 PM