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What are the hidden sugars in my food?

You may think you're making smart choices by reaching for foods marketed as healthy, but many of these options are hiding a sweet secret.

From granola to yogurt, let's uncover the unexpected sources of sugar in your diet and how they can impact your health goals.

Granola's Sweet Secret

Granola has long been touted as a staple health food, but did you know that a 100-gram serving can contain up to six teaspoons of sugar? That's more than a chocolate chip cookie.

While granola offers some nutritional benefits, like fiber and protein, monitoring portion sizes and choosing varieties with fewer added sugars is essential.

Coconut Water's Sugary Wave

Coconut water has gained popularity as a natural hydration drink, but don't let its healthy image fool you. A typical bottle of coconut water can pack 20 grams of sugar - that's 5 teaspoons worth.

While it does provide electrolytes like potassium and magnesium, it's best to enjoy coconut water in moderation and opt for plain water most of the time.

Yogurt with a Side of Sugar

Yogurt can be a sneaky source of added sugars, especially when flavored or fruit-added. Take Activia yogurt, for example—just four ounces contains 18 grams of sugar—nearly as much as a glazed donut.

When choosing yogurt, opt for plain varieties and add your fresh fruit for natural sweetness and a fiber boost.

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Last updated: Apr 29, 2024 15:13 PM