Where Do I Start?

What are the most common Keto mistakes that slow your progress down?

Common mistakes on keto and what to do:

1. Consuming too much fat. Eating more fat doesn’t get you deeper into ketosis—lowering your carbs does.

• Don’t consume extra fat unless you’re new to keto and need help fasting longer.

• Eat the fat that normally comes with the protein you eat.

2. Consuming keto snacks. Insulin is not just increased by carbs. It’s increased by eating.

• Avoid snacks, even keto snacks.

3. Consuming hidden carbs. Be sure to look for hidden carbs, especially maltodextrin, in your food and supplements. Fruit and berries contain fructose and glucose, which can also cause problems.

• Check your food labels

• Avoid fruit

• Avoid agave nectar

• Read the book “Don’t Eat for Winter.”

4. Not consuming enough quality protein. Not consuming enough protein tells the brain that you need to keep eating. Also, if you’re deficient in amino acids before going into a prolonged fast, you’re not going to feel very good.

• Consume a moderate amount of quality bioavailable protein

• Take a blend of complete amino acids (if you don’t feel good while fasting)

Last updated: Oct 23, 2023 14:17 PM