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What are the most common nutrient deficiencies caused by drugs?

As you create these nutritional deficiencies by taking a drug, you create nutritional deficiency symptoms that are then treated with a drug. 

Here is a list of different drugs and the nutritional deficiencies they can create:

Antacids: H2 antagonists — Iron, B12, Vitamin D, calcium, zinc, folic acid 

Proton-pump inhibitors — Magnesium, B12, 

Antacids — Minerals, B12, protein

Antibiotics — Ca, Mg, iron, k1, B 1,2,3,5,6, 9, 12

Antidepressive — COQ10, Mg, B 2,6,9,12 

Antipsychotic — B2, vitamin C

Antihypertensive: Ace inhibitor — Zinc, Mg, potassium 

Beta blocker — COQ10, vitamin D Calcium channel blocker — Folic acid, B complex

Anticholesterol — Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, COQ10, EPA, DHA

Corticosteroids — Ca, Mg B1

Metformin — B12, B1, B9 

Diuretics — Mg, vitamin K, Zinc, calcium build up 

HRT — B9, Mg, B6, B12

Last updated: Sep 05, 2023 14:23 PM