Natural Remedies

What are the most important supplements for a woman who’s 4 months pregnant?

This is a really important topic to discuss especially while you're pregnant or even just like before you're pregnant is to make sure those nutrients are available for that growing baby. And because it's such an easy thing to prevent a problem then try to deal with it later in life. Even if you're low on vitamin D the child can end up with flat feet, a lot of dental problems, which are very costly if you have to fix dental and do reconstructive surgery and all this other stuff down the road, or braces, or scoliosis, or bowed knees.

Definitely increase vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, the trace minerals, iodine especially, zinc, and the B vitamins and also vitamin E. Don't go for the cheapest vitamin out there. These prenatal vitamins are all just synthetic made from petroleum. Get something high quality and focus on getting those nutrients. And then also make sure you're not doing intermittent fasting, but you're doing more of a keto. You don't want to carb out when you're pregnant. That's the time where you need to eat the best because the most important time to eat healthy is before you're born, while you're in your mother.

Last updated: May 01, 2024 14:29 PM