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What are the quick benefits of stopping smoking?

Quick benefits that happen when you stop smoking:

After 20 minutes: • Lowered blood pressure  • Lowered heart rate 

After 12 hours: • Cleansing of carbon monoxide 

After 24 hours: • Decreased risk of heart attack  • Increased HDL (good cholesterol)  • Decreased risk of clots  • Even lowered blood pressure  • Increased oxygen 

After 48 hours: • Healing of nerve endings  • Increased ability to taste and smell After 72 hours: • Depleted nicotine levels  (Try lobelia, loquat, and ginseng to help with withdrawal symptoms) 

After 30 days: • Increased lung function and capacity  • Decreased coughing  • Increased endurance 

Within 1-3 months: • Better circulation  

Within 9 months: • The lungs heal significantly 

Within 1 year: • Decreased risk of heart disease by 50%

Within 5 years: • The arteries widen, and there is a decreased risk of clotting 

Within 10 years: • Decreased risk of lung cancer by 50% Within 15 years: • The same risk factors of cardiovascular disease as a non-smoker 

Last updated: Feb 26, 2024 15:56 PM