Trouble with Keto?

What are the reasons I'm not losing weight on keto diet?

The ketogenic diet plan is based on the principle that you have to get healthy first, then lose weight.

1. You are losing but increase muscle – the muscles are repairing.

2. Eating too frequently – do start intermittent fasting.

3. Carbs too high – if you have a slow metabolism, are menopausal, or have a thyroid problem, get your carbs less than 10g or zero.

4. Doing keto partially – like cheat days, it will kick you out of ketosis for several days.

5. Sugar alcohols – alternative sweeteners that could cause disruption in the gut flora because some of them act as a fiber where it can retain fluid.

6. Stress – from losses, trauma, and surgery can spike cortisol, which turns the muscle into sugar which then raises the insulin.

7. Sleep – a lack of sleep can totally keep you from burning fat.

8. Fat is too high – as the body adapts to fat burning, cut down the dietary fat to force the body to burn its own fat.

9. Protein is too high – too much insulin can stimulate insulin and keep you from losing weight.

10. Dairy/nuts – it potentially could create inflammation in the digestion, gallbladder, and colon.

11. Vegetables too starchy – you may need to avoid consuming starchy veggies.

12. Medications – especially those medications which are anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, antibiotics, etc.

13. No exercise

14. Overtraining

15. Restaurants

Best Indicator of Health

• Energy level

• No cravings

• No hunger

Last updated: Mar 01, 2024 16:17 PM