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What are the signs of vitamin B6 deficiency?

Vitamin B6 is important to support a healthy body. Typically, there are no side effects of taking vitamin B6 if you take less than 200 mg daily.

If you take too much vitamin B6, you could experience toxicity effects. However, you would have to consume over 1000 mg of vitamin B6 per day to cause any issues.

Foods rich in vitamin B6 are:

• Beef

• Pork

• Fish

• Chicken

It’s pretty well-known that if you have low vitamin B6, you may experience symptoms, including:

• Rashes around the nose

• Cracks or rashes around the mouth

• Pink eye

• Anemia

• Neurological problems

• Numbness in the hands and feet

• Depression

Surprising symptoms of a vitamin B6 deficiency:

1. Inflammation (especially gut inflammation)

2. Inability to control polyunsaturated fatty acids

3. Deficiencies in neurotransmitters

4. Inability to convert ALA to DHA

5. Poor selenium function

6. Inability to convert tryptophan to niacin

7. Alopecia

8. Seizures

9. High homocysteine levels

10. Increased risk of autism

11. Increased risk of gut pathogens

Causes of vitamin B6 deficiency:

• Processed foods

• Diuretics

• Blood pressure medications

• Antibiotics

• Birth control pills

• Alcohol

• Pregnancy or lactation

• Smoking

• Herbicides

• Ginkgo biloba

Last updated: Mar 01, 2024 15:43 PM