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What are the TOP foods to consume for hair loss?

A study has shown that over 90 percent of people suffering from alopecia are deficient in an amino acid called histidine. This essential amino acid is a precursor to histamine, which plays a vital role in immune reactions, allergies, and inflammation. Deficiencies in histidine can lead to anemia, while excessive intake can cause premature ejaculation. However, the right amount of histidine in your diet can promote healthy hair growth by helping to produce keratin and regulating copper and zinc levels.

Certain medications and alcohol consumption may lower histidine levels in the body, while inadequate stomach acid can hinder its absorption from food sources. To counter this issue, betaine hydrochloride can be taken as an acidifier. But to fully utilize histidine, specific co-factors must be present, such as vitamin B6, proper copper and zinc ratios, and folate.

The top three foods that can help combat hair loss are:

1. Organ meats, including liver, due to the histidine and other essential nutrients they contain.

2. Animal proteins, such as beef and chicken, are rich in histidine and other amino acids necessary for hair regeneration.

3. Shellfish, particularly shrimp, scallops, and crabs, provide high levels of zinc and copper that can help maintain proper ratios in the body.

Last updated: Mar 21, 2024 14:07 PM