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What are the types of collagen and its benefits?

Collagen is a type of protein and its connective tissue. The word comes from a Greek word which means “glue”, because collagen holds everything together as a mesh. There are over 28 different types of collagen.


You should know about the following 5 types of collagen and what they do.

  • Type 1:

    • forms scar tissue

    • forms tendons

    • forms ligaments

    • forms the bones

    • forms skin

    • forms certain parts of the teeth

    • helps with arthritis

  • Type 2:

    • forms/supports joint cartilages and the surfaces that connect at that joint

    • if you have a joint that has worn out you need this type of collagen

  • Type 3:

    • forms/supports connective tissue

    • more delicate (found in bone marrow, lymph)

  • Type 4:

    • forms the respiratory tract

    • forms bronchial tubes

  • forms lungs

  • supports intestines

  • forms the tissue around the heart

  • Type 5:

    • forms the hair

    • forms the cell surfaces

Causes of deficiency:.

  • Vitamin C

It is necessary to form collagen. If you are deficient in C, you will not be able to metabolize collagen.

  • Digestive problems

If you have digestive problems (gastric bypass surgery, low stomach acidity, etc.) you are not going to be able to digest collagen as well because your stomach is not as big and it’s altered. So you might have loose skin as a result.

  • Trace minerals deficiency

Deficient trace minerals (minerals needed in small amounts) can also cause skin problems and collagen deficiency.

After addressing these issues you might notice that suddenly the collagen you are consuming in your food is being absorbed and used more effectively.

Where to get it

You can get it as a supplement or from your food. The following are really good food sources of collagen:

  • Chicken sternum

  • Bone marrow

  • Fish skin

  • Pig skin

You can get them from a grocery store. You can also get collagen supplements from a health food or supplement store, or order it online.

Last updated: Oct 21, 2023 19:06 PM