Keto Diet Facts & Tips

What are your thoughts on products that are full of ketones?

There are products that like you have things that convert to ketones such as MCT oil. You actually have products that are ketones that you can take. There's an expensive version and a cheaper version of that. I think they might have some value if you are doing maybe some competitive type exercise and you want some extra energy. But I haven't seen a really big boost in really anything special other than maybe a little more mental energy. But let's say for example, you have Alzheimer's or Parkinson's or dementia. Well, then you should take them because that would give you a little bit of an advantage because in the process of having the selection of glucose or ketones, if you put the ketones in the bloodstream, the brain will selectively want the ketones first. So that'll feed that brain and bypass damaged neurons that might be trying to get fuel but can't because they're damaged.

Last updated: Apr 10, 2024 14:03 PM