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What are your views on bioidentical hormone creams?

It comes with a package. Anytime you take hormones why isn't your gland making the hormones? And you say I'm just aged, right? Shouldn't your body make enough? Shouldn't the backup organs like the adrenals take over and make enough if they're strong enough? But when you start taking hormones and you bypass your own glandular production, then the glands don't have to produce as much. Then you become more and more dependent on those hormones which give you another problem. Now you're constantly having to deal with hormones. So wouldn't a better approach be to strengthen the gland. I'm talking about the adrenal gland with maybe a desiccated adrenal support or an adaptogen like ashwagandha that you can actually support that adrenal to then get your gland to produce more.

Last updated: Apr 15, 2024 16:14 PM